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TOP 100 Football Clubs on Google in 2024 (Updated)

  Would you like to know how many times people search for your favorite football club’s name on Google? The most popular sport on the most popular search engine! We are presenting you the top 100 most searched football clubs on Google in 2024 (Important Note: Only the most searched and/or official version of each football club is considered. We have used Ahrefs, the best SEO tool to check the search volume). To find out the top searches in Google, we have considered the top 300 European football clubs (UEFA official rankings), Libertadores football clubs, and about 300 football clubs around the world, considering their rankings. TOP 100 Football Clubs on Google in 2024 Which football club is the most searched on Google in 2024? In 2024, the most searched football club on Google is Real Madrid. People search for "Real Madrid" 44,5 million times on Google each month. Like in 2023, also this year the Spanish legendary club is not only the most searched team, with 44,5 mi

Top 10 Most Followed Football Clubs on Instagram in 2024 (Updated)

  The world changes, every day we see innovations in every industry, and with this practically everything loses its popularity. But only not football. It still is the most popular sport in the world and on social media as well. Today, we are presenting you the top 10 most followed football clubs on Instagram in 2024. Enjoy! ;) So, what is the most followed football club on Instagram in 2024? The answer is Real Madrid! Real has 150 million followers on social media! Compared to 2023, we have only changes in some positions: Liverpool and Manchester City switched their positions, Man City 1 position up and Liverpool 1 position down. [caption id="attachment_3724" align="aligncenter" width="1172"] Football clubs with most Instagram followers 2023 vs 2024 [/caption] 1. Real Madrid Like in 2022 and 2023, also in 2024 Real Madrid is the most followed football club on Instagram. Since its creation, this club won every possible and impossible football trop