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TOP 10 Best Football Jerseys of All Time


Football jerseys are shirts worn by team players to show their association with the team. Generally, they display the players' numbers and names with the team and main sponsor's logos.

Football teams spend lots of time and money on jersey design, which later becomes one of their main profit sources for them. Usually, football teams have 3 different jerseys: 1 primary and 2 substitutional.

Today, we'll look at the 10 most popular football jerseys ever.

So, without further delay, let's get on our list.

10. Ajax 1971

The Ajax jersey of 1971 opens our list of the most beautiful football jerseys ever. Ajax have won three straight European Cups with this classic kit.

The white shirt has a thick vertical stripe of red.

It's an absolute classic. It's the shirt that set everything off for the Dutch giants, and Ajax would later take home three European Cup trophies in a row sporting this stunning football jersey.

9. Denmark 1986

Denmark introduced this jersey to mark their first World Cup participation.

The team made it to their first World Cup finals in 1986 with a highly skilled team and celebrated with an outfit that divided opinions.

A "50-50" top featured half block red and half white and light-red stripes. The sleeves featured the opposite pattern.

8. Nigeria 2018

If you were among those lucky enough to own Nigeria's 'Naija' jersey before the 2018 World Cup, then you indeed were the envy of many in the world.

The shirt was sold out in the Nike store just minutes after it was made available to the general public, showing the impact it had.

7. Italy, 2019, third jersey

The year 1954 was the one when Italy had a "Maglia Verde" shirt in the match against Argentina. It's not always clear which kit designers come up with their ideas; however, in 2019, the Azzurri returned to that deep green to mark the next generation of talents. The renaissance era's jerseys featured stunning patterns that any of America's fashion houses could be proud of, with the addition of gold, red and blue.

6. Netherlands 1988

The Netherlands got their first silverware piece in this fantastic kit in 1988.

If you're unsure about the player, you should think of Marco van Basten's stunning shot.

The Netherlands finally took home an award with this stunning orange effort of a nation at the height of its abilities.

After defeating England in the semi-finals, the West Germans beat Argentina to win the title at the Olimpico Stadium in Rome, the final tournament before the unification of Germany towards the end of the year brought the end of East as well as West Germany as separate entities.

That's why this kit is worth keeping in mind and merits its place in the football hall of fame.

5. Boca Juniors 1981

The jersey was worn by legend Diego Maradona and the rest of the Boca Juniors team that won the 1981 Metropolitano championship. It was the basis for Boca's 2021/22 home shirt.

4. Liverpool 1984

The season most famous by Bruce Grobbelaar's "Spaghetti Legs" in the European Cup final penalty shootout, Liverpool had a very productive season in 1984. The team took home both the English League, the League Cup, and the European Cup in a remarkable three-peat. Stars such as Mark Lawrenson, Ronnie Whelan, Alan Hansen, Ian Rush, and Graeme Souness wore the famous shirt.

Indeed, this infamous shirt was worn by the assistant manager and manager during Kenny Dalglish and Sammy Lee's time.

3. England 1990, third jersey

Italia 1990 will be remembered by many as being among the greatest tournaments ever played, and that was particularly true for England supporters. A young Gazza could have the entire world in his sights and in bringing England into its debut World Cup semi-finals since the glory of 1966.

The most notable success story is The New The Order's World in Motion, which came out just before the beginning of the tournament and included the iconic song by John Barnes. Throughout the film, New Order frontman Bernard Sumner donned the light blue shirt of England's third jersey. The pattern's tonal diamond and the band's musical history established it as a cult favorite even though the England team never used it.

2. Brazil 1970

This list would be incomplete without the 1970's Brazil team jersey. It has a historical significance with its famous yellow color, the jersey of the most prestigious national team to ever play football.

A yellow and canary jersey, blue shorts, and white socks. It is the classic outfit of the legendary Brazil of the 1970s. With this jersey, Brazil became World Cup champions with Pele. What else to say?

1. AC Milan 1988

When we've finished our list, you might be bored of the words 'classic' and iconic. However, that's exactly what makes these kits one of the industry's top. The emotions and memories they bring to mind make them distinct from other kits.

The Milan team of 1988 made the black and red kit so memorable, featuring players such as Dutchmen Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten, and Frank Rijkaard leading the team to win the European Cup spectacularly.

A group of superstars with a defensive team comprised of Franco Baresi, Alessandro Costacurta as well as Paolo Maldini, this great team was able to take Italy and Europe in the several years to come.

The iconic Milan kit was integrally linked to its popularity, and even today, the jersey is sought-after. Any collector of football jerseys should own at least a Milan shirt in their collection. It's almost legally obligatory.


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