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TOP 100 Football Clubs on Google in 2024 (Updated)


Would you like to know how many times people search for your favorite football club’s name on Google?

The most popular sport on the most popular search engine!

We are presenting you the top 100 most searched football clubs on Google in 2024 (Important Note: Only the most searched and/or official version of each football club is considered. We have used Ahrefs, the best SEO tool to check the search volume).

To find out the top searches in Google, we have considered the top 300 European football clubs (UEFA official rankings), Libertadores football clubs, and about 300 football clubs around the world, considering their rankings.

TOP 100 Football Clubs on Google in 2024

Which football club is the most searched on Google in 2024?

In 2024, the most searched football club on Google is Real Madrid. People search for "Real Madrid" 44,5 million times on Google each month.

Like in 2023, also this year the Spanish legendary club is not only the most searched team, with 44,5 million monthly searches, but it's also has the biggest fanbase, with over 372,75 million followers on social media. Only on Instagram, Real has over 150 million followers.

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Legendary English club, Champions League 3-time winner, Premier League 20-time winner, Manchester United is the 2nd most searched club in 2024. Football fans around the world search for the club about 33,8 million times each month.

In third place is Galatasaray. On Google, users search for Galatasaray for 32,4 million times each month.

Based on these stats, the Premier League has 14 teams in 100 most searched clubs with 128,06 million monthly searches on average.

The Complete List of TOP 100 Football Clubs on Google

Let’s check out the complete list of 100 most searched football clubs on Google in 2024.

# Football Club Search Volume
1 Real Madrid 44,500,000
2 Manchester United 33,800,000
3 Galatasaray 32,400,000
4 Manchester City 29,300,000
5 PSG 27,800,000
6 Arsenal 24,700,000
7 Fenerbahce 24,400,000
8 Palmeiras 23,300,000
9 Chelsea 16,400,000
10 FC Barcelona 13,400,000
11 Juventus 12,000,000
12 Besiktas 11,100,000
13 Gremio 10,600,000
14 AC Milan 6,650,000
15 Inter Milan 6,300,000
16 Liverpool FC 4,680,000
17 Sao Paulo FC 4,530,000
18 Benfica 4,410,000
19 Ajax 4,340,000
20 Bayern Munich 4,180,000
21 Trabzonspor 4,070,000
22 Santos FC 3,970,000
23 Internacional 3,960,000
24 Boca Juniors 3,870,000
25 West Ham 3,740,000
26 AS Roma 3,680,000
27 Feyenoord 3,620,000
28 Aston Villa 3,610,000
29 Sevilla FC 3,490,000
30 Al Nassr FC 3,290,000
31 Olympique Lyonnais 2,970,000
32 Atletico de Madrid 2,650,000
33 Everton 2,640,000
34 Newcastle United 2,410,000
35 RB Leipzig 2,380,000
36 PSV 2,380,000
37 Eintracht Frankfurt 2,370,000
38 Alianza Lima 2,330,000
39 Real Sociedad 2,210,000
40 Nottingham Forest 2,190,000
41 Adana Demirspor 2,090,000
42 Girona FC 2,040,000
43 RC Lens 2,010,000
44 VfB Stuttgart 1,830,000
45 Independiente 1,760,000
46 Atalanta 1,650,000
47 Lens 1,630,000
48 Union Berlin 1,550,000
49 Leicester City FC 1,510,000
50 Borussia Dortmund 1,360,000
51 Olympique de Marseille 1,360,000
52 FC Porto 1,310,000
53 Lech Poznan 1,310,000
54 Borussia Mönchengladbach 1,260,000
55 Valencia CF 1,250,000
56 SS Lazio 1,190,000
57 Sheffield United 1,180,000
58 Bayer Leverkusen 1,160,000
59 FC Nantes 1,120,000
60 Crystal Palace 1,080,000
61 Fulham 1,060,000
62 Celtic FC 1,040,000
63 Hertha BSC 1,040,000
64 Real Betis 1,010,000
65 Toulouse 988,000
66 Samsunspor 974,000
67 Cagliari Calcio 952,000
68 Sivasspor 949,000
69 SC Freiburg 925,000
70 Al Ittihad Club 911,000
71 Konyaspor 887,000
72 Club Brugge 870,000
73 Rangers FC 852,000
74 Al Hilal SFC 848,000
75 Bayer 04 Leverkusen 845,000
77 Cádiz CF 777,000
78 Villarreal CF 741,000
79 Brentford 731,000
80 OGC Nice 727,000
81 Rayo Vallecano 717,000
82 FC Köln 717,000
83 Luton Town 705,000
84 Bournemouth 686,000
85 Racing Club 680,000
86 VfL Bochum 678,000
87 Southampton FC 677,000
88 Tottenham Hotspur 673,000
89 Brighton and Hove Albion 662,000
90 Kayserispor 654,000
91 Hatayspor 637,000
92 UD Las Palmas 626,000
93 ACF Fiorentina 614,000
94 Celta de Vigo 613,000
95 SSC Napoli 609,000
96 Burnley FC 601,000
97 1 FC Union Berlin 597,000
98 AS Monaco 556,000
99 Athletic Bilbao 552,000
100 FC Schalke 04 541,000


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