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Top 10 Football Betting Tips



Sports betting is quite popular among sports fans, and not only. A lot bet to make watching sports more exciting. The others bet to win big. In any case, there are some secret football tips that will help you be successful in sports betting. Check out these free football betting tips that will make your betting experience more enjoyable!

1. Bankroll Management

Have a set amount for each wager and ALWAYS bet within your means. The key to winning and building your bankroll is remembering that Sports-Betting is a MARATHON and not a RACE!

Not a day goes by throughout the year where there is not something to bet on.  Do not get caught up with all this action and feel that you should make football bet daily. Watch the lines daily and jump only on the games that stand out the most. When in doubt, DO NOT play!

2. Make Sure You Track Your Wins and Losses

Talk to most average gambler’s and they will say things like, “Yeah – I am up a bit”, or “I am not down that much this season”, but in reality they have no clue. Keep track of what you are laying down each week and what you are cashing out. The “Sharp’s” do, so why shouldn’t you?!

Some bookmakers offer different bonuses, for example "get £30 in free bets", free bet stakes, different welcome bonuses, but don't get much excited with that and know when to stop.

3. Bet WITHOUT Emotion

The next one in the list of the best football betting tips is to bet without emotions. You can fall into several traps ~ some are as follows:

NEVER chase your losses and think your luck will turn around if you keep betting or double up your wager.

NEVER follow popular/public opinion and popular football betting predictions as the public loses way more than they win. Some are used to follow popular weekend football tips or Saturday football tips. Sometimes you can get caught up in the office/online hype and make a poor betting decision.

NEVER bet just because you feel you should. Super Bowl prop bets are good examples.

I could go on & on in this category but I think you get the point. Pay attention to these important sports betting tips to get the maximum of the betting experience.

qualifying bet settlement

4. Know a Few Sports Inside and Out

It is CRAZY the amount of sports that you can bet on 24 hours a day!  Stick to a few sports and get good at trends and stats of a few leagues. I like to bet on the NBA, NFL & MLB.  Some of my friends prefer the equivalent at the College level, while others like betting on the Premier Soccer Leagues in Europe. The key is that we do not bet on everything, just select a few that we know and study.

5. Know a Few Teams Inside Out

I mentioned earlier NOT to bet on your favorite teams unless you are willing to bet against them as well. I have learned throughout the years that although I hope my team(s) win every game, unfortunately they will not. Good thing is that I know how they stack up against certain teams so this helps me to win with, against, and with Over/Unders.

6. Never Parlay

Same goes with teasers – never add points or eliminate points to original spread. Seems like this strategy would be easy but you will find that you will lose more often than you win. It is tough enough to win 1 game let alone 2, even if I have control over the spread.

7. Watch Early Line Movements

Generally, this is where “Sharp” money is going.  The “Wise Guys” are always looking for an attractive line and when they see one freshly posted, they generally JUMP ON THESE early.   This is not always the case but lines that move early usually have the backing of “Sharp” money.  When lines move late/closer to game time/day this is generally “PUBLIC MONEY”.  Remember what I said earlier ~ “The public loses more than they win”.

8. Momentum

If you are up BIG early in the week or up BIG for the day (i.e. NFL Sunday), don’t be afraid to “Pump The Brakes” and cash out.  The goal is have more winning weeks than losing weeks.  Same holds true for consecutive losses ~ take a few days off, collect your thoughts and regroup.

9. Keep It Fun & Entertaining

I have made many mistakes early in my sports-betting career but if you follow the previous suggestions, Sports-Betting can be VERY exciting!  Do not get me wrong, some days you will want to pull your hair-out when a “Freak Play” decides the game ~ causing you to lose ~ but hang in there, as “Brighter Days” are sure to come.

10. Don't Bet on Your Favorite Team

Some people just bet on a club, because they like or support it. But remember that your favorite club cannot always win. Never make football bets on your favorite team unless you are willing to bet against them every now and then.


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